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Do you possess an ingenious concept for groundbreaking technology but find yourself uncertain about how to connect with angel investors?
Groovy Orange is here to lend you a helping hand. We can provide guidance with market research, crafting a compelling pitch deck, formulating responses to investor queries, and organizing meetings with potential investors in your vicinity.
Our services will give you the boost necessary to secure that initial investment and propel your business to its launch.

Connect with Our Network

For the past 15 years, we’ve been serving startups from around the world, establishing connections with some of the premier lenders and angel investors.
When you collaborate with us to secure funding for your business, you gain entry to our extensive network.
We can arrange meetings, showcase your company, and facilitate introductions to individuals who can aid your business in obtaining funding or securing financial resources.

Inhouse Seed Fund

Starting in 2023, we’ve initiated an angel investment fund in India with a dedicated focus on supporting tech entrepreneurs from South Korea and India.
Here’s what we’re seeking:

  • You should have a tech concept that requires funding to progress beyond the POC/MVP stage
  • A team or a group of innovative and talented co-founders
  • A clearly defined problem statement, a target audience, and a market that you’ve identified
  • And a plan on how it will scale Candidates from India or South Korea are encouraged to apply.

Candidates from India or South Korea are encouraged to apply.

Appointment-setting with Potential Investors

Our appointment scheduling services are designed to elevate the number of potential investor meetings for your business. Collaborate your founder’s pitch with our lead-generation approach. Partner with our committed team to enhance your chances of securing funding.
Our team of lead generators can align with your pitch deck regarding your idea and facilitate appointments with VCs and angel investors. Moreover, our team is not constrained by geographical boundaries; we have the ability to target lenders and investors from any corner of the globe.

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