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Elevate Your Business Agility with SAFe: The Scaled Agile Framework
Are you ready to enhance your company’s adaptability and drive substantial growth?
SAFe, the Scaled Agile Framework, is a proven solution for implementing Agile practices at an enterprise scale. It provides comprehensive guidance for aligning teams, synchronizing efforts, and delivering value more effectively and predictably across your organization.

With a strong emphasis on cross-functional collaboration, incremental progress, and continuous improvement, SAFe equips businesses to swiftly respond to market changes, deliver superior products, and achieve unparalleled business agility and success.

Supporting Your SAFe Journey

Our SAFe implementation and adoption solutions are expertly crafted to transform your organization. By harmonizing teams, strategies, and operations, we facilitate a seamless integration of the Scaled Agile Framework, propelling your enterprise to achieve peak performance and optimal impact.
We partner with your organization at every step of your SAFe journey, offering comprehensive support that includes:


Strategic Planning

Aligning your business goals with SAFe principles to ensure a seamless transition and sustainable growth.
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Training and Coaching

Equipping your teams with the necessary skills and knowledge through tailored training sessions and ongoing coaching.

Process Integration

Integrating SAFe methodologies into your existing processes to enhance efficiency and collaboration across all levels of your organization.
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Change Management & Continuous Improvement

Assisting in the management of organizational change to minimize disruption and maximize adoption, & providing tools and strategies for ongoing evaluation and enhancement of your SAFe practice

Advantages of Embracing the SAFe Framework with Groovy Orange.

Adopting the SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) with the guidance of Groovy Orange Consulting offers your organization a multitude of benefits:

Differentiators of Groovy Orange Consulting in SAFe Implementation

Meet Our Leader

Satyavrat Nirala

(Director - Change Management & SAFe Practices)

Satyavrat Nirala brings over a decade of dedicated experience in consulting, coaching, and guiding organizations across diverse industries, including technology consulting, enterprise and government projects, cloud computing, AI roadmaps, content & guide publishing, digital marketing, and e-commerce platforms. With a fervent belief that “Being Agile is Being Alive,” Satyavrat embodies a philosophy of continuous self-discovery and improvement.
His journey as a scrum master and product owner instilled in him a deep understanding of Agile principles, which he seamlessly applies beyond IT to various departments. As one of the few practitioners adept at implementing Agile practices in domains like sales, marketing, content, talent, design, and operations, Satyavrat is committed to fostering growth and collaboration within organizations.
Having coached and trained over 12,000 learners both within and outside IT teams, Satyavrat is recognized as a thought leader in Agile methodologies. He is an official signatory to the Agile HR Manifesto and a reviewer member of the Scrum Alliance, showcasing his dedication to shaping the future of Agile education.
Satyavrat’s expertise extends to change management and organizational transformation, where he leverages his understanding of human behavior and emotional intelligence to drive meaningful change. As a follower of the Marshall Goldsmith Academy, Satyavrat envisions a future where co-learners can collectively impact the greater good of humanity.
Recently recognized as a “SAFe® Premier Trainer” by Scaled Agile, Inc., Satyavrat stands among a select group of professionals worldwide.
In his role as Director of Change Management & SAFe Practices at Groovy Orange, Satyavrat leads with a focus on an adaptive mindset, continuous learning, and finding innovative solutions to propel organizational success.


Change Management, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Lean Portfolio Management, Generative AI, Product Management, Agile Leadership Journey, Coaching & Mentoring, Competency Mapping, Trained 12600+ across the globe – 45+ countries, 160+ companies, have coached and mentored 130+ teams across 50+ organizations, and have a 99.8% success rate in any certification exams in Organization Design & Change, DevOps and Reliability, Facilitation & Teaching, Out of 150+ professional industry certifications, Neuroscience

Humble Achievements

Consulting & Community Journey

Executed products using Agile framework to the tune of 1.2 billion USD in healthcare & banking

Executed digital transformation initiative to the tune of 1.3 billion USD revenue in 2 years.

Currently consulting as an Enterprise SAFe Coach at an Automobile and Service Organization

Completed 20+ organization transformation initiatives with change management

Helped in 40+ organizations in role transition design and competency mapping

Directly or indirectly supported 300+ ARTs and other SAFe events

Authored three professional books to support professional learning journey

Official reviewer for Global Scrum Gathering 2020 and

Speaker for Regional Scrum Gathering 2020 by Scrum Alliance.

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