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CSO as a Service

Tech startups often face challenges in finding a co-founder with a sales background, which can impede their ability to reach long-term objectives. Groovy Orange offers support in devising the right GoToMarket strategy, orchestrating investor rounds, establishing sales operations, and even assisting in the recruitment of top-notch talent or a permanent sales co-founder, helping startups overcome this obstacle.

Build-Operate-Transfer Services

Are you considering expanding your business into the UAE or India but feel overwhelmed by the process? Opting for a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) approach allows you to retain control by partnering with an experienced entity to handle the setup, establishment, transformation, and eventual transfer of new business units back to your company, mitigating the internal expansion risks.

Sales Strategy Consulting

Even the most exceptional commercial strategies won’t yield results unless the front-line teams can execute them effectively. We specialize in assisting you with the recruitment, training, and motivation of sales teams, ensuring they consistently deliver outstanding performance. Building superior sales teams begins with identifying and nurturing talent. We’ll work with you to develop a data-driven profile of the individuals best suited to execute your strategy. Additionally, we’ll guide you on developing, recruiting, or reallocating your team members to ensure that the right skills are in the right places.
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GoToMarket Consultation

Our team boasts decades of experience in crafting and executing sales and goto-market strategies within the technology sector. We have aided numerous businesses in expanding their operations by establishing sales channel networks beyond their existing geographical boundaries.

GoToMarket Services:

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