Satya Nirala

Director - Change Management & SAFe Practices

Satyavrat Nirala brings over a decade of dedicated experience in consulting, coaching, and guiding organizations across diverse industries, including Technology consulting, Enterprise and Government Projects, Cloud Computing, AI Roadmaps, Content & Guides publishing, Digital marketing, and e-commerce platforms. With a fervent belief that “Being Agile is Being Alive,” Satyavrat embodies a philosophy of continuous self-discovery and improvement.

His journey as a scrum master and product owner instilled in him a deep understanding of Agile principles, which he seamlessly applies beyond IT to various departments. As one of the few practitioners adept at implementing Agile practices in domains like Sales, Marketing, Content, Talent, Design, and Operations, Satyavrat is committed to fostering growth and collaboration within organizations.

Having coached and trained over 12,000 learners both within and outside IT teams, Satyavrat is recognized as a thought leader in Agile methodologies. He is an official signatory for the Agile HR Manifesto and a reviewer member for Scrum Alliance, showcasing his dedication to shaping the future of Agile education.

Satyavrat’s expertise extends to change management and organizational transformation, where he leverages his understanding of human behavior and emotional intelligence to drive meaningful change. As a follower of the Marshall Goldsmith Academy, Satyavrat envisions a future where co-learners can collectively impact the greater good of humanity.

Recently recognized as a “SAFe® Premier Trainer” by Scaled Agile, Inc., Satyavrat stands among a select group of professionals worldwide.

In his role as Director – Change Management & SAFe Practices at Groovy Orange, Satyavrat leads with a focus on an adaptive mindset, continuous learning, and finding innovative solutions to propel organizational success.

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