Digital Transformation
The relation between Organizational Change Management and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation refers to the use of digital marketing and technology across an organization with the ultimate goal of changing the processes of how businesses operate and the value they provide to consumers. However, technology management is about applying technology and reforming the organizational culture, practice, and architecture. This is why change management comes into…

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professional fundraiser
Why You Should Hire A Professional Fundraiser To Help You With Your Capital Raise Goals?

A professional fundraiser helps charitable organizations with their fundraising tasks. Depending on what the organization needs, they may provide more hands-on support in carrying out fundraising efforts, or they may give consultancy services and help lead your fundraising plan. This can involve writing grants, coordinating fundraising events, approaching potential contributors directly, or even organizing campaigns…

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Company raise capital
How Do Private Companies Raise Capital?

A company’s financial structure is essential for its survival. It is the most significant factor influencing a company’s ability to survive and grow. A company’s financial system is vital. It is the primary factor influencing a company’s ability to continue operating and grow. While it is easier for a public limited business to raise capital…

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Why should Korean Tech Companies plan to build business units like Software Development, Sales/Marketing & Client Support Teams in India?

Establishing business operations in India, such as offshore development centers, R&D centers, sales and marketing teams, and client support teams, can be very advantageous for Korean technology companies looking to expand internationally. Here are a few key reasons for how this strategic approach may accelerate their expansion and success: Access to a large talent pool: India…

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Expanding Horizons: The Opportunity for Korean Businesses to Enter International Markets.

Korea has emerged as a global economic powerhouse, with its chaebols and domestic system integration (SI) firms fueling domestic growth. However, in order to sustain long-term success and remain competitive throughout the present-day connected world, Korean enterprises must broaden their focus outside their traditional bases. This article suggests that Korean enterprises should actively explore business-related…

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